Coupons & Specials

At Wendover Dental Care we offer discounts and payment plans to help our patients maintain a healthy smile. The regular discounts have no expiration date. The monthly specials posted on our website do have an expiration date and some may have other restrictions. To take advantage of a regular discount call the office at 665-2962 and schedule your appointment today.

Year Round Discounts

Complete Dental Exam $80

This includes your comprehensive dental exam, four bitewing x-rays, periapical x-rays, a panoramic x-ray, and a prophylaxis dental cleaning. For the uninsured and must be paid at the time of service to receive the discount. Insured patients will receive the discount only if the treatment is not covered by their insurance.

20% Off for Uninsured Patients

We will include a 20% discount for patients that do not have insurance.

Free Second Opinion

If available, please bring a copy of your treatment plan and x-rays with you.

Free Lifetime Whitening (New & Existing Patients)

We encourage our patients to have a dental checkup every six months to maintain their healthy smile. As a thank you gift, patients that keep regular recall appointments will receive free whitening solution at every recall visit.